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Dominos! Some dreams evolve slowly and some a little faster. The “domino dream” has taken a fast track to being a very popular form of jewelry, and is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Our school dominos come in school themes, sport themes, holiday themes, and even faith themes for you to show your support for whatever it is that drives your life. School Domino jewelry also makes a unique and interesting gift to give to those close to you. Why not do something unique this month, and get a piece of domino jewelry?

Our school dominos allow you to show your school spirit, wearing it around your neck. We show school spirit in a unique and fun way with domino pendants and keychains. The dominos are crafted using the finest high gloss finish and designed with just the right colors & special touches that make wearing them fun and sure to get noticed. Currently, we have school dominos for both Cy Creek and Tomball in stock, and are constantly adding to our list of supported schools. Don't see your school here? Just drop us a line on our Contact Form, and we'll get in contact with you for your project.

At School Dominos, we have a commitment to quality, and therefore use only the finest Grade A dominoes, and the best materials. All dominoes are covered by a permanent, durable clear coating to resist scratching, and keep your domino looking great for years to come. The school dominoes come with a ribbon sash to wear your domino with, but almost any small chain or rope of your own design could be used to wear the domino. Our ribbon sashes come in black, but if you would like a special color, just let us know when you make your order, and we will include it with your school domino.

Although our site is called School Dominos, we have a large variety of general domino jewelry, including faith dominos to live your faith out loud. We are consistantly adding new domino designs, and doing custom orders for individuals that have specific requirements or ideas for their own designs. If you don't see what you're looking for here, or have an idea for a custom domino that you would like us to make? Perhaps you'd like a set of dominos made for a birthday party you're having, or something special as a gift for that special someone in your life?

Unique and affordable ... Made unique so you can afford them!